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"Good clubs, GeLiZao" wild leopard clubs the company was founded in 1995



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Yebao billiard cues

We based on "honesty", regard quality as the life, has a perfect after-sales service, complete varieties

Seiko quality, only for true feeling



Yebao billiard cues

"Good clubs, GeLiZao" wild leopard clubs the company was established in 1995, the board chairman Mr MouXiEn always have a dream, he wants to make the cue, satisfying the billiards lovers used in line with this goal, has ten years grinding sword, wild leopard cue came out at last.

Yebao excellence for honour

Private high-quality pole tide, classic, refined, high-quality goods, on the basis of good faith, to the quality. Wild leopard cue focus, pursuit of perfection. This pursuit is not only a goal, but one A constancy, and perfect the eternal journey.

Wild leopard cue materials exquisite

Cue in front section material is very exquisite, former section USES for the club in the world Canadian ash wood, north American maple in high latitude area, ensure the cue of And easy to use. Wild leopard cue the cupreous content of copper at the top of the head is greater than normal The copper head, this is done to make the copper head with wood is closer to the hardness of soft Improve the cue of feeling is much easier to control the cue ball.

Yebao billiard cues——Perfect service system

24 hours online customer service to provide advisory services, solve more problems for you. Lightning delivery, transport channels unblocked.

Yebao billiard cues
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